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Interactive Video Strip Poker Game for Windows

RacyRivals Strip Poker now has more than 60 rivals to choose from. You can watch 50 of them by clicking on the video. This awesome preview shows the first fifty rivals at the beginning of the game. If you see one you like, get her at RacyRivals and play her clothes off.

New Rivals Each Month

Play RacyRivals Strip Poker and take on the rivals of your choice. When you get ahead in the game, the clothes start coming off. Strip each girl completely naked and enjoy a sexy finale while unlocking special features.

Get In The Game

Try your hand at blackjack (also called "21"). This game is fun and easy. Draw cards and try to get as close to 21 points without going over. With RacyRivals Strip Blackjack, you play the dealer. When you win, she loses her shirt, bra, and everything else.